Union Stockyards

by Union Stockyards

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released November 1, 2015

Recorded at Exchange District Studios, Winnipeg Canada 2015
Engineer: Shawn Dealey
Asst. Engineer: Ryan Nash
Mix/Master by Shawn Dealey at Exchange

Union Stockyards is:

Jon Williams-Drums
Tony Beaudoin-Vocals
Dave Bellis-Bass, Vocals
Ryan Nash-Guitar, Vocals

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Union Stockyards Winnipeg, Manitoba

Fast Punk Rock from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

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Track Name: Stay Human
i remember the first time i faced it
i was only six years old
too young to truly understand that
a peer of mine could be this cold

bottled up, pressurized, set it ablaze

we're one or done we're fucking screwed when we all just sit in place
apathetic, suicidal

seed that's sewn in a plantation
weathering this test of time
when things like #nigger trend on twitter
it validates age old hate crimes

from Florissant to the Rafah gates an endless siege with no escape

bottled up pressurized set it on fire
anti-tank frat cars jackboots for hire
Track Name: The Justice League Of Manitoba
i was just a kid
down at the Pyramid
the night Jonny Stew put a bounty on the mayor's head
a rain soaked flashlight set
every fuckin' cop was sent
to Tache Avenue to stop a punk rock riot

getting chased down by Trans-Ams
and fighting with the skinheads on the corner of Ellice and
it was more than just some bands
a declaration of loserdom in defense of where we stand

this frozen hell is where the river rebelled
not just a sentiment, the one thing we could never quit

the justice league of Manitoba
a place where no one ever wins

rooftop union screed on Salter St.
born of dustups in Market Square with NorthWest Mounted police
and these actions resonate
with this scrawny suburban kid strapped into the back seat
Track Name: Wasted On Me
it's 1984 we're doing recon on ourselves
turncoats, loyalists, everyone's a pig
lost your fuckin' balls, they're in your fuckin' head
we just st around and watched the whole world go to shit

because there's a difference between growin up and giving in

can you recall
standing side by side with our backs against the wall
are you full of shit now, were you full of shit then?
joy camp, happy life, forward to death

your breath is wasted on me
this world is in decay
you think that i'm deranged
cause your breath is wasted on me
Track Name: Dirtbags And Degenerates
sweet fuck would i do if it hadn't all aligned
from in suburban hell we'd escape and we'd survive

for all the poor choices the one that was right was each other
i see the floor coming right up to me face
in an arms reach you will find
caught by the condemned i wouldn't have it any other way

count those stars in the sky and just how fortunate
freaks like us were to make contact and to connect

and if they find my corpse on the streets at daybreak
i only got this far cause you carried me all this way
Track Name: Western Identity
pressure cooker from a melting pot
wives tales, curriculums have brought
our anthems and our pageantry songs of our fabled history
as we pass our judgement on places we've never been

hard to see from on horses so high
or hear above our battle cry

so now i'm checkin family
ashamed of the things they believe
bought the hype and all the shit adopted all the rhetoric
how can i be asked to stomach any more of it

so now i shudder to think what our knee-jerks will bring
(these wants become the needs)
let's invade every fucking thing
(in a culture so deceived)
we stand on entitlement and spur on only resent
(these wants become the need)
when acquisitions the only intent
(in a culture so deceived...)